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To travel places and countries, to meet different people and to enjoy different cultures and lifestyle is many people’s wish and desire as this not only makes their experience rich but makes them feel refreshed also. People crave new places and different experiences that gives them a break, a relief from their normal life so that they can recharge themselves again. Just like Siberian cranes that takes winter break and come to India, people in the Great Britain also seek a desire to travel places. As such, the land of turkey can provide them with what can be called as a “Perfect Holiday Destination”.

Quick facts about Turkey

Straddled between the terrain of Western Asia and Eastern Europe lies the land of Turkey whose culture has witnessed elements and touch from the Greek culture, Persian culture, Roman culture as well as from the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. In Turkey lies the cosmopolitan Istanbul near Bosphorus Strait that is the home to the iconic Hagia Sophia. Another renowned and well known place is the giant 17th century Blue mosque that has unique Christian mosaics and soaring dome.

Why to visit Turkey?

One of the most special element of Turkey’s beauty is its incredible beaches like the blue lagoon or the turtle beach. These beaches are the nesting places of loggerhead turtles and here one can see the turtles in their natural environment. Turkey’s scenery like the Saklikent Gorge or the national parks provide a breath-taking and soothing sight to one’s eyes. One major reason for Brits to visit Turkey is to escape the extreme weather in their native land. The temperature around the beaches reach up to 30 degree in summers and at some places during summer, but one can also be greeted by some rain showers. One can live or find accommodation in a luxury hotel in Turkey at comparatively cheaper rates like a person will be paying equal amount if he/she is living in a 5 star hotel in Turkey or 3 star hotel in Spain. Turkeys’ culture, history and tradition is another captivating and attractive element that tourists find most special.

Why now?

This is the perfect time for British holidaymakers to visit as the British pound can now buy twice as much as Turkey’s lira as compared to last year. Due to the ongoing domestic inflation as well as the deteriorating international relations with the US, the currency is currently witnessing the lowest currency slid ever. While the Turkey’s president is emphasising more upon the need to convert dollars into lira, US has imposed heavy tariff over Turkish aluminium and steel.

Though this not mean that the British tourists will experience immediate benefits but for the people who travel independently from tour operators or people who love to shop, eat will find the rates very cheap now. Moreover, the country is a safe place to travel and roam apart from a small region in south due to its link to Syria and Iraq. The country is currently experiencing huge numbers in tourism industry especially from UK. It’s time to pack your bag, catch the flight and land in Turkey.