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Are you a resident of Britain and planning a holiday with your family members? If so, then head to Turkey and have a gala time with your family. Money is the fundamental issue which needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to holidays. When you want to enjoy some quality time with your family in a good destination but want it within your budget, then Turkey should come first on your list for the time being. The reason being a tour to Turkey becoming reasonable now is its currency value has gone down which is unimaginable. This has happened because the relationship of Turkey with the US has deteriorated massively.

Slouch in currency value, to be precise, Lira, doesn't mean holiday package cost will fall drastically. The tourist will pay a favorable amount to the tour operators in comparison.

How Will Currency Slump Affect Tourism Industry?

The tourism industry of Turkey encountered a variety of phases since 2014. It witnessed the huge number of tourists in 2014, then the number went down again in 2016 because of frequent terrorist attacks, attempted coup and political instability. Again the number of tourists increased largely as the Russo-Turkish relation softens. Another significant change has been observed in the tourism industry of Turkey with a huge drop in currency value. The number of visitors from Britain is on the rise and this has been affirmed by a reputed tour operating company.


Reasons to Visit Turkey This Summer

  • The climate is favorable for the tourists with not a spell of rain; the average temperature will be likely around 33 degrees centigrade.
  • Value of Lira has gone down leading to a considerable amount of saving in the tour package.
  • Widespread palatable items including fresh fish, kebabs, halloumi, kofta, and baklava
  • Turkey is easily accessible from the UK. Several airlines within budget too connect the UK with Turkey. The flight takes only 4 hours to reach Turkey and the time difference with Britain is only 2 hours.
  • Turkey is a shopper’s paradise, best for mosaic lamps, tea glasses and rugs.
  • Turkey’s coastline of 5200 miles is an ultimate beach destination in August.


How Safe Is It To Visit Turkey?

In spite of fall in the number of visitors due to recurrent terrorist attacks and fear of instability, Foreign Office (FCO) has restricted the entry of visitors to the south-east corner of Turkey as it shares the border with Iraq and Syria. Antalya and Bodrum are popular among the tourists.

FCO has asked the tourists to be watchful about their surroundings and should be cautious in crowded places which are mostly visited by the foreign nationals. According to the FCO, terrorists have their eyes on Turkey and are always looking for opportunity how to bring a blow to the country. Istanbul and Ankara, located in the south-east of Turkey, have been repeatedly attacked by the terrorists. They are also trying to bring a blow to the western tourists. But several planning of attacks has been disrupted by Turkish authorities as well as the security has been stringent since then. So visit Turkey with your family and enjoy to the fullest.