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The Brazilian footwear industry has decided to go international. They have chosen an array of international locations to promote their trade and Saudi Arabia happens to be one of them. Brazilian Footwear is organized by ABICALCADOS or the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association of Brazil. They have chosen to trade with Saudi Arabia for the session 2019-2020. The program mainly emphasizes on making the Brazilian footwear industry an international sensation.

How does the program work?

This program by the Brazilian footwear industry association or the ABICALCADOS selects various countries to work with, every two years. This is to increase trade as well as strengthen their business internationally. For the next two year session i.e. they have selected the following countries to carry on with their trade and promotional events – China, United Kingdom, France, United States, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Peru.

Why Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country that has been selected. When asked about the reason of the selection, the project manager said that despite of the various known challenges that they might be facing, Saudi Arabia is capable of yielding great profit. Also, the various challenges that they might have to face in the country will only add to their experience and help them build up on their confidence. According to sources, Brazil is already involved in exporting footwear to Saudi Arabia, however, the sales aren’t that great, hence the selection.

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. To be able to grab a market in the country will prove to be of utmost value to the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association or the ABICALCADOS. The selection, even though risky, has been considered by the managers because it forwards new challenges to the industry. Without new challenges, the industry will never be to reach its full potential. Saudi Arabian market will definitely provide new business opportunities. The taste of Saudi Arabian people is quite different and hence this might help the industry to improve on their skills.

How will they proceed?

Since the market is entirely new, both with respect to culture and status, the ABICALCADOS will send a team to survey the same and gain insight on how the market works. Next, another team of professionals will venture into the market. They’ll attempt to gain further insight by talking various influential people like public relations officers, players etc. Now that they are equipped with the basic knowledge about the taste and choices of Saudi Arabian people, they will chalk out a successful plan to forward the business strategies.

This strategy is strong quite strong and will hopefully help the Brazilian footwear industry to gain a strong holding on the Saudi Arabian market.


The target markets were chosen in a meeting done in Rio Grande do Sul, recently. With the help of strong business and promotional strategies the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association aka ABICALCADOS hopes to expand their trade internationally. They have taken considerable risk for the benefit of the project hoping that it’ll only help them better themselves. Let time do the talking.