Leather & Footwear


The invention of shoes took place a long time ago. The objective of a pair of shoes were simple, to protect the foot. Back in the old days that was the sole function of shows, but now things have changed. Shoes are now an integral part of an apparel. Hence it is highly influenced by fashion and its evolution. Therefore, people choose to buy fashionable high-quality shoes that look good, other than just serving its purpose.

The situation in China is no different. There has been an outstanding growth in the retail industries across many cities. As a result of that people are purchasing more luxury items. They tend to prefer the Western shoe brands, irrespective of whether they are big or small. Even though the buyers are preferring foreign brands, the sale of domestic brands are significant. This is because there isn’t a big price difference between the two sets of products.

There was no issue regarding import of luxury shoes made overseas. While there is an escalation of the trade war between China and the United States, it was not impacting the sales as little did the spenders think about tariffs. On top of that, most of the luxury shoe brands were Europe based and manufactured their products there. That helped China to bypass the import duties and taxes.

There are a couple of reasons for the increase in the sale of luxury shoes. They are:

  • There has been an evolution of taste among the consumers. People have a desire to own luxury products from reputed brands, instead of going with the common ones. This is because they are looking for uniqueness and quality products to suit their lifestyle.
  • Some branded shoe makers like Nicholas Kirkwood, Gianvito Rossi and rene Caovilla are becoming more and more popular among the shoe lovers. This in turn increases the sales of these products.
  • The customers tend to prefer brands with a legacy of quality craftsmanship as they expect some unique and authentic products.
  • The buyers of luxury shoes are often regular travellers and are well equipped with the knowledge of fashion. They have gained information from various sources about the different luxury brands. They intend to find new luxury brands who can provide them with an altogether different range of products.

It is seen that the younger generation are responsible for the growth of the footwear industry more than the older generation. They tend to buy frequently, based on the on-going fashion trend, and adapt quickly to it by buying the next product. Yet, it is worth mentioning that the smaller brands like Golden Goose and Comme des Garcons are also drawing attention of the customers as they have a give a younger look.

Conclusion- Nowadays shoes provide more than just protection to the feet. The luxury segment of shoes provides with a sense of high stature and luxury. The people in China are therefore investing more and more in the luxury shoe segment. This is increasing the demand of luxury shoe import from overseas to China.