Leather & Footwear


Being fashionable in the monsoon calls for some special attention. Of all the seasons throughout the year, monsoon never fails to pit us in a dilemma on how to be presentable. While other seasons give us the liberty to choose our own fashion and footwear, monsoon doesn’t. However, there is no need to worry for the trend setters for this article is here to guide you with your fashion and footwear. Cloudy skies and pouring rain will not gloom your fashion sense as you outshine with these classy styles.

Here, presented in this article are some of the trendiest footwear that go along with your dresses, so that you look bright in this otherwise dull monsoon season.

4 all-time solutions to your monsoon footwear problems

  1. Ballerinas all the way: The most proficient way of outshining this season of downpour is to dress with bright colours. Take out your bright coloured kurti along with a pair of blue jeans and you are good to go. This combination gives you both the comfort and a perfect look for monsoon. To go with this beautiful apparel, a pair of ballerinas will do wonders. Keeping all the dirt out, ballerinas are just the right way to go with this monsoon.
  2. Footwear with clogs: While you can also go with other options, footwear with clogs can be considered to be the ultimate monsoon necessity. Clogs give you comfort and are water resistant. This advantage over leather footwear is a great pro that these footwear carry. With tight grips on the pavement, there is no way that you would slip in the rain water. Going with brighter colours like orange, yellow or red will really pep up your fashion quotient. You can wear them with almost every outfit apart from formals.
  3. Flip-flops it is! : No matter what opinion people may hold, flip-flops are perennial. Go about your day while carrying your bright and vivid coloured flip-flops. Rubber soles and straps are the best things to wear in monsoon. With water all round in puddles, even accidental walk throughs are now in control with flip-flops. Saving you from sweaty feet in this highly humid monsoon, flip-flops are an ideal choice. Another great advantage of wearing them are that they are easily washable and hence you do not need to worry about the dirt stuck in your footwear. The only concern regarding this choice is that there may be splashes on your pants while walking. You can rock you flip-flops with a number of options like a flowery top and a pair of jeans or a skirt.
  4. Platform heels to pave your way: If you are an avid heel-lover, you can always go with platform heels in this monsoon. While with other heels like a pencil heel, there is a substantial chance of slipping, you have no such fear with platform heels. Wearing them with a long kurti or a gorgeous frock will surely draw attention.

Conclusion- With all these suggestions, there will be no more problem for you this monsoon. So, get your closet ready and go on and flaunt your fashion.