Power & Energy


With the growing advancements of technology, you are imposed with its boons and benedictions. While technology makes your life easier, it has its drawbacks as well as it may not always be effective and cost effective. This present generation is highly dependent on non-renewable sources of energy. However, with the use of these resources comes a lot of gaseous emissions which potentially damages the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Not only do they harm the environment but they also harm you, as they are inhaled by you and cause various diseases ranging from asthma to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Now, the question arises what we should do. The answer is fairly simple.

You should advocate the use of renewable resources. Solar energy is growing in popularity. It acts as a transducer as it converts solar energy to electrical energy to power up your electrical appliances. It is cheap and more importantly it is eco-friendly. A rooftop solar panel operates quietly, in such a way that you will fail to acknowledge it is in operation. In case, it ceases to generate energy, your home will start to acquire energy from the main electrical grid. In case of excess energy in your solar panels and full battery, it is automatically fed into the electrical grid. All this happen, without you knowing about it, which may end up requiring you to pay your retailer for using power directly from the grid. Hence, with the help of the Internet, you can now easily monitor the use of any electrical appliance. It is important to monitor the use of your solar panels. With Wi-Fi being installed in every alternate household, it is quite easy to monitor your usage with the help of Wi-Fi.

What are the advantages of monitoring?

Monitoring your usage of energy is of utmost importance, as you can bypass using too much power when power is coming from the battery and thus, maybe delay the use of a particular appliance for the next day. Immediate use would require you to pay for grid power. There are various monitoring apps which tells you whether is being used, stored or sent to the electrical grid.

Now, these apps come in updated forms where you can monitor the activities in real time from your phone or even your laptop. Such apps can also direct smart technology enabled devices at your own whim! It's as if you have entered the future! Such technologies not only make life convenient for you, but also benefits the environment.

Conclusion- Solar energy is a growing renewable source of energy. With increase in population, there's an increase demand in energy. At the same time, there's increased waste production. Thus, it becomes pivotal for you to shift your dependence into renewable sources of energy such as solar energy. For its most efficient use, it is also mandatory to monitor its use. Cheap and eco-friendly is the way you should go. Upgrade to solar energy today!