Power & Energy


In this era of depleting conventional resources, solar power comes up to be the most important source of energy. It has found its use in both domestic and industrial power supplies. Consequently, solar power plants and solar device installing industries are flourishing rapidly over the last decade. A lot of new companies are being set up to manufacture and install the solar power harvesters in homes and buildings. These are known as Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies, in short, EPCs.

Despite the hike in their numbers, there is a common problem faced by almost all of them. The solar quality across all of the segments of the companies are not up to the mark, signifying poor management of quality assurance and control (QA/QC). Manual checking of the products by the contractors failed to prove itself enough for this particular purpose. This is ultimately causing a setback in their development and progression.

Here are some feasible options to improve the quality of installations done by your company:

  • Design a full-proof checklist

Systematize the process for quality check. You can also keep a common inspection checklist for all kinds of quality control. You can instruct all contractors to follow the checklist strictly. This standardised approach will help your company work more systematically than ever before.

  • Focus on the major scopes of improvement

Initially, you will be facing a lot of issues turning up during this process. Some might be responsible for creating major backlogs in your working system, while others might be rather trivial. You need to prioritize them sequentially, focussing on the major ones leaving the smaller problems to be dealt with, later.

  • Estimate the compensation for poor quality

Once you successfully carry on shortlisting the issues, you can easily estimate the loss you incur for them. It is very important to check out for the loss suffered by your company for quality control problems. You can also take the help of Pareto charts for an easier statistic.

  • Plan out training programmes for the labours

Once you successfully identify the problems, it is time to convey them to your labours. You can make them understand by following a unified approach. This can be done by planning out training sessions for them regularly, thereby educating them about the factors responsible for the poor quality and their respective scopes of improvement.

  • Maintain consistency of the work

It is definitely important in all aspects. Recognising and fixing the problems will only be successful if and only if consistency is maintained. This is a major contributor to the advancement of your company.

  • Make a habit of quality assurance

Correcting mistakes and practicing the right thing is very important at this point of time. The practice of assuring quality of work will eventually be leading you to a better future.

Conclusion- Quality assurance and control are the two most important factors causing a major setback among the solar projects nowadays. It is advised that you should look into this matter with utmost importance. These tips can also help you do away with the problem, leading to the betterment of your company.