Textile & Fashion


Fashion is an ever-changing thing. What is stylish today is bound to become old fashioned tomorrow. This is the reason why fashion designers all over the world are constantly working to bring some new design or concept. Fashion is diverse and is massively influenced by a region’s culture and belief. Every region has a unique fashion sense that does not completely resemble with the others. Since the world is more like a global market, everyone has access to all the apparels that are available in the world. People can choose from a wide range of apparels from all over the world.

Indian Fashion Industry

Indian fashion has developed since long ago. They have their unique styles and designs. Moreover since, the country itself is very diverse with a mixture of various different cultures. This has resulted in a wide variety of fashion products that are available in India. The best part of Indian fashion is that it is inexpensive. Most of the raw materials that are needed are available in India itself, which reduces the need to import. On top of that India has some exquisite materials such as the Silk from Assam and south, and Khaki which not only has a premium price in India but in foreign countries too. Therefore, Indian fashion can form a brand of its own.

The increased trend of fashion from abroad

Indians have always been influenced by the foreign countries, especially America. They consider that to be the benchmark for quality, style and value. This hold true in fashion market too. Indians tend to prefer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Phillipe, Nautica, Mark and Spencer, Gant and many more alike. It is true that these products are of very high quality and undergoes superior processing and tailoring, yet the Indian ones cannot be considered any inferior. Sadly, people do not consider choosing their country’s brand and keep on investing in foreign brands. This is not only detrimental to the Indian fashion industry but also to the economy. This also demotivates the budding fashion designers of the country and most of them are inclined to indulging in the foreign fashion.

Way in which this problem can be resolved

The Indian Government must promote the Indian fashion among the citizens. People need to understand the value that India provides through fashion. Some ways this can be done are:

  • The Government needs to give incentives to the fashion industry of India and relaxing them of taxes and provide with other benefits.
  • Formation of national fashion brands and promote them.
  • The Government needs to levy heavy tax and duty on foreign fashion brands.
  • The ‘Make in India’ initiative must be upheld.

Slow changes are happening but there is need for more in order to be beneficial for the national fashion industry.

Conclusion- Fashion is diverse and is different in different regions. However, more and more Indians are being influenced by Hollywood and foreign countries, which is resulting in implication of foreign fashion in India. Therefore, Indian fashion must be promoted and brands must be formed in order to attract Indians to their native fashion style.