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Dubai to host first aviation investment summit


Dubai is preparing to hold the first edition of Global Investment in Aviation Summit (GIAS) on January 28 and 29, which will be attended by 500 leading global aviation investors, heads of nations, aircraft operators, aviation stakeholders and logistics service providers. The UAE, which has emerged as the biggest aviation hub of the Gulf, has fourteen airports, airstrips and airfields served by 113 airlines, some of which are making investments worth billions of dollars in acquiring the latest aircraft models. If properly funded, these developments can help the UAE economy grow further.

Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, director general of the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) stated that GIAS 2019 is being hosted taking into consideration the anticipated growth rate and capital influx for the civil aviation industry, due to the steady increase in demand for air transport and lowering of airfare. The summit will bring together industry experts within an investment-friendly environment to deliberate about current and future aviation projects as well as share knowledge and proposals to develop the sector.

The two-day aviation event, organized by the GCAA under the theme ‘Linking Developed and Emerging Markets through Investment in the Aviation Sector’ will address the key aviation projects in local, regional and global markets, with special attention towards Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia, as well as emerging markets, which are coveted by the airline industry and related sectors. Focus will be on directing investments towards areas like aircraft engineering and technology, manufacturing and supply, aircraft maintenance, defence aviation, duty-free markets and flight services. In addition to this, the summit also allows countries and organizations to discover investment opportunities for themselves.

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