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A Dish Named After Deepika Padukone By US Restaurant Made Ranveer Singh Reacts Hilariously


Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood sensation loves gorging on South Indian Food, to be precise, dosa, a food universally loved. There are many restaurants across the globe that features South Indian dishes on the menu. There has been a massive growth in a number of Indian restaurants across the globe and people are becoming fond of this flat rice crepe. But Dosa is not the only South Indian delicacy gaining popularity globally, but another popular figure globally is Deepika Padukone. Now US-based popular restaurant Dosa Labs have named a dish after her; Ranveer Singh could not help but react to it.

Recently a picture has been posted by the Bollywood diva and her husband Ranveer Singh of the menu of Dosa Labs that now features dosa named after Deepika Padukone. Ms. Padukone got amazed seeing the dish and captioned it as “Hungry anyone?” In the meantime, Ranveer Singh known for his great sense of humour reacted to it saying "I'd eat that."

If you are wondering what Deepika Padukone dosa comprises of; it is a spicy dish which is topped with chilly peppers that are fiery hot and with potato stuffing. In recent years, the popularity of Deepika Padukone in the world of cinema has witnessed a stark rise. The diva last year also earned a spot on immensely popular Time list of '100 Most Influential People in The World'. The actor tied the knot with Ranveer Singh in a luxurious private wedding affair took place in Italy.

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