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Danish food industry gets ready for Hard Brexit


The Danish food and agricultural sectors are in search of a substitute market comprehending the possible circumstances of Brexit. While UK is let off the EU in a possible outcome of ‘hard-Brexit’, a huge impact will be felt on the Danish export. For the same purpose newer alliance needs to be built and the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Food is foreseeing this to be a good idea to sustain the impact on the Danish export sectors. In the circumstance, of hard Brexit, 30%-40% of the tariff will be imposed on butter and other spreads while tariff being imposed on pork will be up to 25%. It is estimated that 17 billion kroner of exports will be lost by the food industry and other associated industries in Denmark.

As being stated by Jakob Ellemann-Jensen the environment and food minister of Denmark, companies in are looking for lucrative trade deals and prospective markets in the other parts of the world. Jensen further stated that efforts will be made by the Denmark government to promote good quality Danish food to the world market and open newer ventures across the world. He also added that a series of export drives have already started to promote good quality Danish food to the other parts of the world.

The greatest impact of the hard Brexit will be felt upon the Pork, dairy, fish and shellfish exports of Denmark. The report cannot be considered to be complete devastation of the of the Danish Export business as dairy products of Hong-Kong, China and Japan along with the South Korean and Australian Pork would match up to the price of UK creating a demand of the Danish food products.

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