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East India Leather Bags Are Launched by Hidesign


Hidesign, a premium Pondicherry-based maker of leather goods has just launched new collections of accessories (women) and bags of East India Leather. The new collection is for both male and female who love using leather. The company used the tanning method of natural vegetable for the manufacturing of leather bags with natural hues to give a simplistic look to the products. The company has decided to continue its innovation process with the industry of East India Leather to keep this style alive.

The East India Leather was at the peak of its popularity in the late seventeenth century. It was the time when the British East India Company used traditional tanning procedure of vegetables and retailed the final product. Although, the company was hit by the leather produced from chemical tanning, yet the products were recognized as the highest quality among the others across the globe. In 2008, it receives the registration by the Geographical Indications of India which sparked it as a revival.

Hidesign is expecting to continue that revival with their new line of products. Already, the collection is available in the Hidesign stores all over India and on the stores of various e-commerce brands. Established in 1978, Hidesign is also a popular brand for their footwear, sunglasses, and bags. It even offers luxurious ranges of products known as Atelier Hidesign which is made up of leather of deer and ostrich.

Apart from the natural hues, a new range of designs and colors is included to both male and female existing ranges that will be launched shortly.

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