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The Footwear Of 2019 That Are in Vogue


The line by which most men and women swear by is that one can never have too many shoes. It is the shoes that form a vital part when it comes to one’s look and indeed a great way of adding character to an ensemble.

It has been estimated that the online footwear market of India is of Rs.6300 crores; Rs. 5450 crores is used for men’s footwear and Rs.850 crore on women’s shoes.

It is expected that the online footwear market will grow by 30% in the financial year 2019-2020. Takeover of new trends will be witnessed by the New Year.

Chunky Soles

In recent time, shoes with big soles make an amazing style statement. Solid colour shoes can be paired with any outfit and white shoes will remain an all-time favourite. For fitness freaks, thick soles are a must in hitting the gym.

Printed Shoes

Plain brown or black shoes are so outdated. The New Year will be all about printed shoes. Pair it with your favourite attire or you can go for bold prints pairing it with a plain outfit. Fashionable espadrilles for women & men with floral prints, animal prints, dotted patterns & checkered will be the most sought-after.


It is making a comeback again in 2019 and this year will witness the best styles for both the sexes. The shoes to watch out this year include full brogues, half brogues, brown/black with floral designs as well as brogues with heels.

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