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UK Firm Choose Southern Spain for Developing Solar Power of 200 Megawatts


Solarcentury, a reputed UK firm has been granted by Andalusia regional government for building 4 solar sparks in Alcala de Guadaira. During the announcement on Tuesday, the company revealed that the project is going to possess an outcome of 50 MW from each solar spark. The electricity which is generated from these four sparks has the power to enlighten 105,000 homes. The company will be set off there to start the construction from April 2019 which is hoped to last for 12 months.

Solarcentury had already remarked its presence in Africa, Latin America, and Europe since its development in 1998. The company has developed its business and now offers 1 GW of solar energy till date. Moreover, 2.4 GW are offered through the pipelines. The managing director of Iberia Solarcentury, Jose Miguel Ferrer revealed that they have dreamt of this project as the real winner of the region. The main aim of the company is not only to produce clean renewable powers but also to provide free public subsidies both as environment-friendly and employment generating.

Throughout the world, the solar energy plants can be found from the small-sized project of Solarcentury to huge China's Tengger Desert Solar Park. The energy producing capacity of latter one is above 1,500 MW. Solarcentury is focused to develop the availability of the solar plan in the solar sector of Spain. In the last September, EGPE announced that they will soon set off for the construction of 84.7 MW photovoltaic solar facilities in Murcia of Spain.

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