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JCB, Partner of Arvind Ltd to Offer Protective Wear for The Industry


Arvind LTD, a textile tycoon is on the brink of partnering with JCB for offering industrial protective wear that will be co-branded for tapping into the fast-growing OHS or occupational, health & safety market of India.

Arvind LTD is in possession of 600 rupees crore advanced materials divisions and will utilize the major distribution network of earth moving equipment for offering protective wear which will cater to the sectors viz chemicals, construction, oil & gas.

According to Ashish Kumar, CEO of the advanced materials division at Arvind, Arvind Envisol that the protective industrial market is largely unorganized in India, but it is growing at a 15% rate every year. The partnership with JCB will be first-of-its-kind offering co-branded industrial and protective wear to the Indian workforce.

The products that will be offered include dungarees, rainwear, coveralls etc. and it will be made available in the market through JCB & Arvind.

According to the MD of JCB India, Mr.Vipin Sondhi that at JCB safety is not only limited to their machines at the construction site but it is actually an overarching philosophy.

The annual growth of Indian market pertinent to protective wear is getting a boost because of the growing demand of such in India; it is all because of stringent government rules as well as a growing awareness about safety regulations.

Worldwide, the industrial protective wear market is worth 10 billion dollars but in India, it is around Rs. 5,000 crores yet not organized.

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