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Pakistan asks Nigeria to attend its international textile exhibition


Pakistan intends to recover its financial relations with Nigeria and invited Nigeria’s textile corporations to attend their international textile exhibition, TEXPO, which is to be held in the cultural center, Lahore in between April 11 and April 14. The commercial secretary of the Pakistani mission that took place in Nigeria, Mr. Tahir Abbas made this statement. He felt that the expected participation of the Nigerian textile workers in the exhibition is going to fortify their monetary associations. Abbas also informs of the probability that the other West African countries might be weighing the opportunity of investing in the textile industry of Pakistan. Pakistan expects the participation of the Nigerian companies that are involved in the marketing, making, importing and distribution of any fabric material.

Abbas also adds that the first such exhibition known as TEXPO that was organized in 2016 was greatly successful in bringing over companies from 52 countries to participate in the occasion. Business to business (B2B) congregations between the foreign customers and companies took place in the event which were more than 700 in number. He also pledged to provide the Nigerian delegates with the essential amenities. The visa details would be available in the website: http://www.mofa.gov.pk/nigeria. The main aim of the event is to establish business relations and to take opportunity of the chain supply that Nigeria provides.

The exchange of the following items will take place in the exhibition: carpets, garments, knitted or crocheted garment accessories, synthetic textile, threads, yarn, bed sheets, cloth, leather attires, bags, handicraft items, towels and so on. Pakistan has a huge textile industry that fabricates fine cotton as well as high end products and aims to export their goods to USA, UK, Middle East, EU and so on.

Abbas feels that competition leads to improvement in the manufacturing process and assemble products at a competitive price. TEXPO is a platform for Pakistan to display its talent.

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