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Textiles Minister, Smriti Irani to weigh the prospective of textile machinery


Smriti Irani, the textiles minister, said that since standardization took place, financial contest in the ground of technical textiles increased. After opening a ‘reverse buyers sellers meet’ and the Global Textile Expo in Coimbatore for a consecutive three days, she said to the foreign consumers from more than 20 countries that India has made sure that the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) codes for different textiles be mentioned for more than 207 textile products. The state government organized the international textile expo to help find the Tamil Nadu textile manufacturers, foreign buyers from all across the globe.

In case of cotton, there is a huge demand of it especially in the medical textiles and due to standardization; India can become one of the most aggressive market in the field of textile machinery. The expo was destined to aid all the companies in the textile value chain to get acknowledgment in the international market and showcase their products. Irani stated that in the coming two and a half years, the textile machinery market is going to rise to about $3 Billion.

She also urged Tamil Nadu to explore its undiscovered potential so that the state could get the benefit of being in the front. Tamil Nadu has benefitted from the various proposals such as the yarn bank proposal, powerloom cluster, powertex and also the GST, that have been offered to the textile industry. In order to inculcate the competitive price spirit within India’s textile industry such schemes were highlighted. The handlooms minister of Tamil Nadu, O S Manian asked the young people from the state to engage in weaving practices to better their lives and to exhibit their ability altogether. He also advised the establishment of powerloom textiles market in Coimbatore or Tirupur district.

The other administrative ministers and the deputy speaker of Tamil Nadu also spoke during the occasion.

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