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An upstroke in the graph of Sports Tourism- an unprecedented growth of 10-12%


Travel and tourism industry contributed 9.4% of the total GDP of India in the year 2017. Although Heritage Tourism has had the better share of this industry, another congener in form of Sports Tourism has gained some pace in the recent years.

Registering a growth of 10-12%, Sports Tourism has showed a phenomenal progress in the past decade. People have showed increased inclination towards visiting other countries to attend sport events. Although the Global Sports Tourism is already a multi-billion dollar industry, grossing around USD 7 billion in 2017, Sports tourism has received a fully fledged response off-late in India.

Sports Tourism has attracted many cricket lovers who travel to watch the game, both domestically and abroad. The main trend in Sports Tourism came into play during the 2011 Cricket World Cup which was followed by the 2015 Cricket world cup held in Australia and New Zealand.

People are also showing increased interests in football tournaments, specially the world cups, The Olympics, and Grand Prix Formula One motor event adjusting their travel time according to the fixtures.

While many prefer extending their holidays after the matches to discover the nearby places, many travel only for the opening ceremonies. Mainly catering to a travel group comprising mainly of men, and lately of honeymoon couples, Sports Tourism falls into a high-spending category, hence providing a higher income.

The sports tourism industry is projected to turn in USD 5.72 trillion by 2021, which paves a path for the industry to flourish further.

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