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‘Best Package’ to Andhra, Bihar urges Shatrughan to Modi


This remark of the Patna Sahib MP came as the backdrop when two Union ministers resigned. These Union ministers belonged to the TDP in Andhra Pradesh and thy resigned yesterday on notes of grant of special status to the state.

Shatrughan Sinha, the BJP MP requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to grant “the best possible package” for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Bihar. He also added the the issue has been “hanging fire”.

There has been a rising demand for the creation of a special package for Andhra Pradesh and Bihar after the creation of ‘Telangana’-a separate state. "Sir, what is all this happening. You had promised, the Government had promised. Chandrababu Naidu and Andhra Pradesh certainly deserve the Andhra package, the best possible package. And so does our Bihar and our friend Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM). Bihar's special package has been hanging fire," said Shatrughan the actor turned politician in one of his tweets. He also added that special package for Bihar has been in a long due yet. He has been a bit critical of the Modi Government saying that the package had been promised to Bihar soon after the separation of Jharkhand and Bihar but has been unaccomplished since ages. He also mentioned that Kumar has been trying to fetch Hihar a special status for years at a stretch because of the crunch of resource faced by the state. It has also been hit by recurrent floods and draughts accompanied with high population.

The situation is created because both the states have been going through vulnerable conditions for the past many years and there has been none looking forward to their needs. Although well-wishers like Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu have tried their best, nothing good has yet turned out. Therefore Shatrughan Sinha had to make this tweet so as to draw the PM’s attention.

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