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Border trade unites India and Pakistan


It is the trade, not terror that brings both India and Pakistan closer every day. The LOC hostilities between the two countries are unable to resolve the bond developed between the rival countries trading in this market. The current figure shows that the trade revenue went up to INR 5000 Crore.

The bright-colored trucks enter this market, every morning from Tuesday to Friday, coming from Pak Kashmir. They enter the Trade Facilitation Center (TFC) located in Salmabad. The coolies are all dressed in pink uniforms. They all rush in for unpacking goods. These goods are brought from Chikoti, situated in Muzaffarabad. The items are spices, carpets, rugs, fresh fruits, vegetables, shawls, rugs, embroidery, clothes, furniture, etc.

The trade is getting encouraged every day and the amount of revenue is touching new heights. The facilities lack here exceptionally and the route is often disrupted due to LoC firing but the trade never stops. Even the attacks on Pathankot, Mumbai or Uri Headquarters, the traders never intend to stop.

Transparent system

Hilal Ahmad, President, Salamabad Cross LoC Trade Union, said that the team wants to digitize the system so that the process can be hastened and the trade can be made better. This is probably one of the largest confidence-building measures (CBM) between the rival countries. Hilal said that if both the countries extend their help, the trade can become remarkably large. At present, there are 646 traders at present. Many left due to lack of infrastructure. The TFC now witnesses 35 trucks a day. The upgrade proposal, sent to the ministry, if accepted, can work like a charm for both the country.


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