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China and Romania Pledge to Improve Infrastructure, Finance Together


Chinese Premier Li Kaqiang met with Romanian Prime Minister Viorca Dancila on Saturday to discuss financial matters. The two countries have pledged to deepen their cooperation to improve in areas such as infrastructure and finance.

The meeting evidently showed the strong professional relationship that these two had. Li further commented that the following year would mark the 70th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic ties. China is willing to work hand in hand with Romania to promote pragmatic cooperation and expand people-to-people exchanges which will further strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Li assured that China will actively encourage their enterprises in the construction of Romania’s infrastructure and aid in nuclear projects but in a just way as per the needs of the two nations.

The financial sector will also be taken good care of to create a friendlier environment for bilateral trade and investment. Dancila, the Romanian Prime Minister is looking forward to this new venture. She feels it will not only create a deep rooted friendship but will greatly improve the conditions of both the countries. With China’s investment in its infrastructure construction, the levels of exchange between the nations will reach exponential peaks.

 Even the sectors of interconnectivity and aviation will be given special attention. The Romanian Prime Minister has greatly encouraged Chinese tourists to visit the beautiful nation.

 Romania will assume the rotating presidency of the European Union the following year and will play an active role in taking China-EU ties to a new level.   

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