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Fall of Rupee prompted P Chidambaram to say that he is still looking forward to BJP’s ‘Achhe din’


As the rupee saw recorded fall against the US dollar, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram took a quick dig saying that he is still looking forward for the ‘acche din’ by BJP. It was the slogan given by PM Modi before the 2014 general election.

With continuation of free fall for fourth straight session, the Indian rupee recorded the lowest value of 68.79, revealing a fall of about 18 paise against the US dollar. Chidambaram tweeted: "Looking forward to BJP's achhe din when the US dollar will trade at One dollar = Rs 40!”

Already suffering Indian rupee crashed down to the key psychological level of 69 in early trade hours and further slipped to a lifetime low of 69.10, a fall of 49 paise was recorded. The final closing value was record low 68.79. The cause of such fall of rupee was attributed to weak global cues and concerns about inflation and fiscal slippage.

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