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Honda City to a convertible Lamborghini- modification done right


Modifying cars have come down a long way since it started in the early 70's. While tuning the engine with turbo chargers to installing spoilers and alloy wheels have been done before, giving a complete makeover to the 2006 Honda City ZX to look similar to a Lamborghini Aventador is something remarkable. Taking the craze of car modification to the furthest end of the spectrum, a Jaipur based team of car modifiers, identifying themselves as "Jaipur Jeep Lovers" have successfully done the same.

Considering the price of a supercar like Lamborghini, with a flimsy budget of 7.5 lakh INR, Jaipur Jeep Lovers have managed to put together a remarkable modification. What is more striking is the fact that not only the City has an unbelievable resemblance to the Lamborghini but also, it is built to be a convertible.

The crew had even uploaded a video online showcasing the complete transformation. The modified Honda City has electrically adjustable side skirts and bumpers so that you sit low to the ground giving you the feel of a supercar. With vertically opening doors, the look-alike operation has been done to perfection. For any untrained eye, finding the difference will be strenuous.

Everything said, the wheels deserved more attention, imitating the wider axle-base of the supercar. Although the whole customisation has been showcased, it is completely left up to the imagination of the viewer whether the engine was worked on or not.

All in all, the customizers have done a great job and are sure to make heads turn. 

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