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Indian Ecommerce Market Is Expected To Reach $32.7 Billion by 2018 Being the 3rd Largest In Asia-Pacific


India made its entry in the field of eCommerce post 2010 among a good growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and eventually has drawn some advantages in this field. It is expected that it is possible to make this advantage substantial with the eMarketer claiming that retail sales in the country will be rising by 31% so as to reach $32.70billion this year. Again substantial growth is simply “no chance” event. The leading stars of the eCommerce market in India namely Amazon, Flipkart as well as Paytm Mall are making enough investments. Besides barricading the financial section, these e-retailers are regularly improvising their pay-offs, logistics and delivery schemes. It is their tempting deals and discount offers which are altogether paving their way towards further growth in Indian’s eCommerce market. 

Adding on to the eCommerce growth in the country more and more number of people are restoring to the use of smartphones and tablets with sound internet connection. It is expected that by the next few years, over 75% of the total population in India will be engaged with internet marketing. However despite of steady growth rate in this domain, it is reported that retail eCommerce will be making up about 2.9% of the entire retail sales amount in the year 2018 which is relatively low. But with online shopping trend growing, it is also expected that opportunity for the online retailers in the country will also grow.

Predictions also state that with eCommerce growth rate in India, it is going to be the 3rd largest eCommerce market in Asia-Pacific, close enough to Indonesia and China. By 2022, the eCommerce sector in India will worth $71.94 billion.

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