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Indian media industry is expected to fetch USD 62.2 billion by FY2025


Indian entertainment industry is expected to get a high rise by the FY 2025. The entertainment sector in Mumbai will project to increase USD 62.2 billion. This is known by a notable report. BDO reported in media talk that despite economic fundamentals face declining growth the media sector of India is expected to get a complete transformation with presence of digitalization in media sectors. The presence of digital and technological aspect, this sector will develop for sure by FY2025.  

Future of Indian media is a bright one compared to the other industries. Media industry in India is flourishing where Mumbai plays the major role. It is not evident till date the current status and size of Indian media industry. The report is expecting that over the upcoming five years the digital modern technologies will help in influencing across the various sectors. This will result in a massive change in the consumer behavior in various segments. This involvement of digital technology will drastically change all segments of media.

Media organizations are presently focusing on building new digital strategies, economic models, business strategies that are required for a successful digital landscape. This will be a challenging move and needs transformed mind set and a totally different approach. Indian media share has an increase of 3% and the acquisition deals range from 24 million to 120 million.

Majority of the India’s urban consumption belongs from the various non-metropolitan cities and the local regional markets. Inconsistency of the qualitative content is said to be the prior reason behind poor performance of the films. 

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