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Infosys to revamp their business


Putting a focus on sales investments, Infosys has reportedly revamped some segments of their business so as to improve upon the sales and managements. Reorganization has been the way for many companies which were lagging behind in the run and Infosys has now taken the same route.

Making a separate business of communications, which was earlier a part of energy, utilities, communication and services, Infosys is planning big on their sales. These changes also carry an improvisation in management, whereby the 'management approach' will be changing. This reorganization was done during the last three months.

After having a hard time with internal conflicts within the company, Infosys appointed Salil Parekh as it’s chief executive officer with a hope that the company shows a spurt in growth this year. With the job of changing the company for good, it was the new chief executive officer's idea to create more segments in the business for easier management and healthy growth. Under Salil Parekh, the company has formulated a three year plan to strengthen and accelerate the company’s growth.

Reports say that Infosys launch public services and related businesses in countries like Japan and China including India. Infosys is highly dependent on its strategy to expand client relevance hence catapulting the company’s capabilities and increasing the growth.

Also, a target has been set to increase the revenue by 6-8 percent from the last financial year. With new segments including Finance, Communications, Energy, Manufacturing, Hi-tech and Life sciences, Infosys has surely sped up its development.

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