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Lack of Data the only constraint in Ghana tourism


Ghana, like many other countries has great scope for the tourism industry to flourish thereby bringing valuable foreign currency to the country’s reserves. According to reports, tourism and related industry contributes approximately to 3.0% to GDP and accountable for nearly 693,000 jobs in 2016 (World Travel and Tourism Council [WTTC], 2017).

But currently, Ghana is going through a not so good patch in the tourism sector. The main reason behind this lack luster performance is not that the country lacks resources but the reason lies in the fact that the country is unable to supply sufficient data and statistical records to support their tourism development.

Data is by far the most important foundation stones based on which the policies of the most developed countries of the world are formulated. Ghana, at present, needs this data desperately. There is a huge gap in the data collected in Ghana and the other developed countries which must be filled up by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) must bridge.

Data that would help them keep a track on the development of tourism in the country would be available at the airports and the hotels of the nation. Data would also be available at the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and the amusement parks that are visited by the tourists. This data would help the experts to analyze the shifting trend in the tourism industry. The experts would then realize what the tourists like in the country and what changes they are expecting to see in the future. The data thus gathered would also help them improve the status of the existing tourism facilities of the nation. Data is also important to compare and contrast the tourism ratio with the other countries.

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