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New Jets added to the fleets of AirAsia, JetAirways, and Spicejet


Hyderabad: SpiceJet, AirAsia, and JetAirways are planning to add new jets to their fleets. January 2018 has seen an increase of 17.9 percent in the Domestic Indian passenger traffic as compared to January 2017. It is the 41st-month of double-digit growth said the Internationational Air Transport Association. "The growth of the domestic Indian (aviation) market is the highest in the world," Boeing senior vice-president Asia Pacific and India sales Dinesh Keskar said. "Every segment of traffic in and out of India is going to grow for the next 20 years."

This data is making the Indian Airline companies to add more and more jets to meet the demand for both international and domestic flights. This is making India one of the most targeted sales market for jet manufacturers like Airbus SE and Boeing Co.

JetAirways CEO Vinay Dube also hopes to close a deal with buy another 75 Narrowbody jets by the end of March as told on the sidelines to the reporters of the airshow. Last year JetAirways finalized 75Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in a deal and there were “serious talks” for 75 more. The deal according to Dube would be finalized with one of the plane manufacturers, alluding to Boeing or Airbus.

AirAsia India has a fleet of 14 jets now. They plan to expand this number to 60 jets within the next five years of business, a spokesperson said. AirAsia Bhd, the airline’s parent said that it was considering an IPO of the Indian arm in January.

SpiceJet, the low-cost career said that it had signed a provisional deal to buy 40 Boeing 737 MAX 10 jets in July. 

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