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Pakistan included in Terror Finance watch list, Afganistan happy


Afghanistan has joined by welcoming more and more international pressure against Pakistan on the counter-terrorism front. This has shown up its recent list of terrorism watch list financing and the United States withholding aid. "We hope that this trend continues and the response to these measures is positive in the interest of peace and security in Afghanistan and the region," the Security Council was informed on Thursday by Afghanistan’s permanent Representative Mahmood Saikal.

He expressed his gratitude towards the entire world by appreciating the measures that several countries have taken to reduce terrorism effectively. He is happy with the initiatives and hence said that "Of late, we have seen new measures at the international level to shift the calculus and promote genuine and productive counter-terrorism cooperation, "Although he diplomatically avoided mentioning Pakistan specifically. Recent decisions including the reduction of financial aid to the concerned State, and inclusion in the watch list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) represent a renewed attempt to encourage genuine action on the crucially important goal of defeating terrorism effectively," Saikal also said.

Although FATF members were persuaded by Washington to put Pakistan on its “Grey List”. The “Grey List” consists of nations who do not take adequate steps to reduce the terrorism financing and also the money laundering and President Trump had called Pakistan the “Safe Space” for terrorists.

But, an "unprecedented" offer without preconditions was made by President Ashraf Ghani to the Taliban. "Should our call receive a positive response, they will be granted the chance to become normal citizens, allowed to compete peacefully in politics through democratic procedures, be relieved from UNSC sanctions measures, besides enjoying the benefits of other positive measures," was his statement. "In turn, they have to give up on their long-standing path of violence" he added.


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