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Reliance Jio can be expected to be the second largest telecom operator with just 90 more points


Reliance Jio infocomm owned by Mukesh Ambani has gained the position of being the third- largest operator across India. In 2018 reliance Jio achieved the revenue of 19.7 in the very third quarter of the respectable financial year. With just more 90 points it will acquire the second position.

From last year the revenue share increased by a very good number likes 584 points. In December the largest operator of telecom Bharti Airtel lost some significant shares to the reliance Jio. Vodafone and idea telecom operators had a good increase in shares this December. There were few operators facing sharp decline like BSNL owned by Anil Ambani and Tata Teleservices had a decline of 100 points sharply.

Reliance communications and the reputed Tata Teleservices sold the assets to renowned reliance Jio and Airtel respectively. Reliance communications continue to get operated as virtual network but for Tata Teleservices it is different as they have closed down. Reliance Jio is getting good recognition is market. They are steadily increasing points and a matter of only 90 points would make them the 2nd largest telecom operator headed by billionaire Mukesh Ambani. In all together the revenue falls abruptly in the telecom sectors again since this December.

Telecom sector in general faced a massive decline in the adjusted gross revenue. The various small operators lost huge revenue share percentage and points. The last three quarters telecom sector faced huge declines. A little increase in the last quarter was shuttered by the 10.9% decline in last December.

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