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Reliance to launch Jio institute- estimated to earn Rs.100 crores from 1,000 students


With the success of Reliance Jio in the past year, Mukesh Ambani has now turned in an application for setting up Jio institute. It has been reported that according to the particulars provided in the application, Jio institute is to turn in a whopping 100 crore rupees from the 1,000 students to be admitted in their first year of operations. Also, these figures are estimates to double during their second year of operations which will be a huge deal in itself.

Jio institute is reported to hand out scholarships worth ₹38 crores in the first year to meritorious students which would again double in the second year to ₹76 crores. With a capital of ₹9,500 crores ready to be invested, Jio institute looks very formidable in paper. Jio institute is supposed to be set up in 800 acres of land at Karjat, Navi Mumbai.

In regards to the academic details it has been reported that the Institute will be offering various courses such as humanities, media and journalism, natural sciences, engineering, performing arts and entrepreneurship. With a reserve of ₹93 crores on the faculties, it is planning to hire top class teachers from high ranking universities. To be selected among the “Institute of Eminence”, Jio institute is there to compete with the biggies in the market. Although this selection was made under the greenfield category, it still holds good and is directed to  building world class educational institutes benefiting the nation as a whole.

In brief Ambani’s Jio institute is all set to roll the dice once again.

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