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Report on Kansas School funding


A close and effective survey and research that was conducted of late has revealed that the schools in the Kansas region has been utilizing the state allotted funds very effectively and efficiently which is the reason why they have been able to impart quality education to the students. But, the research also pointed out that in order to maintain the existing standard and also to keep up to the every growing competitive standard of education worldwide, the schools require a fresh lease of currency.

According to Taylor and Willis, if the state opted for a graduation rate goal of 90 percent it could cost up $1.6 billion. In the previous year, the lawmakers had proposed a $ 300 million for school funds which was deemed to be inadequate by the Supreme Court. Senate President Susan Wagle published an announcement saying:

"The legislature has tried for almost half a century to comply with numerous court rulings by increasing education spending and hiring school finance experts. However, we can no longer continue down this road without significant harm to Kansas families by implementing a massive tax increase or cutting essential government services. This will hurt taxpayers, families, small businesses, and our future generations. The bottom line is that Kansans cannot afford what the court is demanding, and we cannot afford what the new study is recommending. To meet the Supreme Court’s demands, the legislature will be forced to pass one of the following options:
•    Triple property taxes earmarked for schools.
•    Raise income taxes close to the levels of New York.
•    Raise sales taxes to rates higher than California."

The sum of money that the schools should get has been estimated to be around $ 2 billion. The research report and the financial suggestion have been strenuously discussed by the panel and the committee in the Supreme Court. The jury has come up with the unanimous decision that since the topic under the scanner is a delicate and important issue like education; the money although large should be given. But they are trying to solve the problem of meting out the fund in multiple years scheme. This means each school would get the allotted amount in installments and deadlines along with targets would be set up for each school. Completing and meeting the deadlines would become a mandate and pre- requisite for the schools to get the fresh lease of money.

The lawmakers have been given the final date of April 30 to come up to a decision.


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