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Samiron Ghoshal is chosen to head IBM’s global business in India


IBM is all set to expand in the domestic market of India by appointing Samiron Ghoshal, former Tech Partner, KPMG consulting and EY. He will be heading the global business services in the subcontinent market.

Ghoshal has participated in the formation of tech business in two firms working with IBM. He joined a month back as the managing partner for the subcontinent and South Asian market. IBM has signed deals with the Indian companies. The digital deals and the strategic imperatives of the company are under traction. Ghoshal has already found the differences in these contemporary business models.

IBM offers a turn-key solution to the customers. Only because of the multifaceted service, the customers are thinking that IBM will offer advisory service, implementation and support. The end-to-end solutions provided by the company are not fit for the Indian as well as the South Asian market. The majority of the customers are searching digital technologies for their business to grow. They want to optimize their business and also find new lines of services.

Ghoshal also added that the projects start in the CEO office, propagates to the CMO office and then resorts in the CIO office. The clients are also different in terms of technology maturity. The time, taken by the companies to reach the mature position and introduce new technologies like Watson, varies. So a sales cycle varies from one customer to the other. IBM has to offer different types of solutions depending on the need. It has channelized its resources in social, big data, cloud computing, and analytics. The total business has increased to $37 Billion in just six years.


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