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United States Lags Behind in Global Tourism


While there is a global boom in the tourism sector, the contrast is being observed in the United States. Though US remains one of the most attractive tourist destinations, the tourism rates grew only 2.3% in US while it was 9.8% in China, 7% in Spain, 6.2% in UK and 5.5% in Canada.

Many experts have dubbed the fall as “TRUMP SLUMP” keeping in mind the Donald Trump’s Anti-immigration comments, America First Policies and visa restrictions on select countries. It is also true that decline in African and middle-eastern tourists have been marked after the President’s initial seven months in office (According to National travel and tourism).

Meanwhile some speculate that long US trips have become costlier as in the last few months the Dollar has been doing pretty well (than it did a few years ago). Simultaneously, it’s also observed that people prefer going to places that are closer to home. Fall in number of tourists from UK and Spain has been the pretty alarming. Some believe weaker pound is to be blamed but in recent months, the dollar hasn’t been doing well either.

Global Surveys have shown that US leadership approval has significantly fallen. Similar fall in tourism was seen post 9/11 when US increased border security and people got the idea that they are not welcome in US. Many believe the decline is due to change in tourist sentiments and thus people are opting for other destinations over US. 

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