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A huge rise in food and beverage export in China comes with a warning from experts


As per the latest report from general Administration of Customs (GACC), China imported a considerable amount of food and a high volume of beverages in the last financial year. The report clearly suggested a huge growth in the demand for the renowned overseas brands.

The report showed that the country imported 53.481 million tons overseas food products last year. The imported volume is around 36.5% more than the previous year’s figure. The total value of the products amounted to US$ 58.28 Billion, 25% more than the previous year’s figure.

As pr the categories of the food imports, edible oil, meat, aquatic products, dairy products, wine, beverages, cereal grains, dried fruits, confectionaries, etc where the main segments that witnessed a huge import in China this year. This specific information was publicly announced in China Food Safety Publicity Week, an event held in Qingdao, Shandong.

China is all setting a platform where it can diversify and categorize the type of food imported. As the amount is quite overwhelming, the government feels the necessity of segregating the food products into different segments.

In the similar context, Turkey’s Daily Sabah told that China is planning to start businesses with 30 different Turkish food manufacturing companies. The government is showing keen interest to import olive oil, dry fruits, chocolate, wine, etc from the Turkish companies.

The import figure of Vodka has risen from 42,000 liters to a whopping 480,000 liters in just four years. The data was supported by Research Center of Alcohol Market, Russia. The import tariffs will be partly exempted by the Chinese government.

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