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Cannabis beverage overpowers Coconut Water and Kombucha


The beverage industry is facing a major shift in consumers’ preferences thanks to the non-contentment with the element sugar. Cannabis had hitted well with the taste of drink makers that are experimenting with the consumer tastes. Due to legalization among the state, new marijuana users are looking for ways to consume it in more socially acceptable way.

Erik Knutson, founder and CEO of cannabis-infused drink manufacturer Keef Brands said, "I think cannabis beverages are the new soda. These beverages are the most exciting consumer packaged goods out there with incredible growth potential.”

In 2018, the sales of soda based drinks were recorded to make sales which were 30-year low as consumers preferred healthier drinks. On the other hand sales of Cannabis beverage that had $35.6 million sales in 2017 in states like Washington, California, Colorado and Oregan is still on the rise. According to the reports, in Colorado itself sales of Cannabis hiked by 11% from 2016 to 2017. Its sales are already up by 12% in the first quarter of 2018.

Companies that are manufacturing cannabis drinks are experimenting with all forms of non-alcoholic wine infusions with THC to THC cold brew coffee. Knutson said, “I think eventually the drinks sector will be the largest edibles sector. People don't get together and eat slices of a brownie. It's not social. Sipping on drinks is what we know--you get together and you drink.”

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