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Food Industry to Focus upon Quality Certification to Get Hold of the Global Market


It is a must for the Indian Food Industry to focus upon quality certification alongside research and development in order to ensure that all its product standards manage to meet the ones that is set for the overseas market, said Jagdish Prasad Meena, Food Processing Secretary. Additionally he expressed his concern over various export consignments facing trouble including Basmati rice.

In the words of Meena, India is lagging behind when it comes to food quality certification and this is one of the reasons behind our products getting rejected in the global market. Basmati rice, which is a valued food product of the country, is presently undergoing this problem for the last two years. The concern which has led to its rejection is the presence of pesticide residuals

"Now, many of the products including honey have been held up in the US, and Europe is also following suit," Meena added.

In a conference held on factors related to food processing by NIFTEM, he said that the reason behind such a scenario is the ignorant attitude of the food industry. He believes that the export activities of Indian food products will expand and get smooth if utmost attention is given by the industry to food quality certification standards.

According to the secretary, quality certification and R&D are two weak links present in the food processing industry. Besides this, the quality of the stock of raw materials imported too has to be taken into concern.

Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Food Processing Minister was quoted saying in this event "NIFTEM is a one of its kind institute and has the potential to become the Harvard of food processing technology and management sector. The university which despite being nascent, has already been ranked 50th out of 3,007 universities in India".

And with this, he believes that this university will be giving birth to new entrepreneurs who will be taking the Indian food industry to a new level in the global market.

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