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Growing demands, multiple choices of organic product- leading to a price dip


The year 2018 witnesses a fall in the price of organic food and beverages in the US market. It the year 2014 the premium price of organic food products and beverages was 27% per unit of the conventional food. The year 2018 wittiness a fall in the figures by 24%. Alongside the fall in the price, an array of organic products can be seen in the US market in today's time.

The change in the price of organic foods are being guided by several factor. One of the reasons for the shift in organic food prices is concerned with the set of guidelines being stated by the US government to define ‘organic'. A good example would be the ‘Cow milk'. In the circumstances, the cow is allowed to graze at least one-third of the food intake, the food products being produced by the cow can be considered to be organic. There are other such guiding rules that specifies the meaning of organic according to the US government.

The rules and the guidelines being set by the government has various benefits on the consumers, the environment and the animals, however, the cost of production has increased by a considerable amount. The organic vegetables are also produced while following several similar guidelines. While the organic farmer saves on the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers there are now bound to pay more to the farmers for weed pulling and bug controlling. The price of organic food is also depended upon the increasing demand of organic food in the current time.

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