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New Strategies by Food and Beverage Brands to Safeguard their Reputation


In the recent times, the brands involved with food and beverages are being constantly attacked by misleading posts and false videos that are uploaded in various social media platforms. These actions are intended with the sole purpose of demeaning their products. The companies are trying their best to repel off these attacks by removing these contents off the internet, but they believe that there is a need of a better solution. According to the experts, they need to introduce proactive strategies rather than taking reactive measures.

Many reputed companies like PepsiCo India, ITC, Jubilant FoodWorks and Patanjali have been a victim of such attacks, and they have done their best to protect brands. To save their consumer base they have taken end number of steps like aggressive communication and legal help.

Harish Bijoor, a brand expert, believes the need of digital vigilance system to eliminate such content as soon as it is published, before it can cause significant damage. PepsiCo has already been following a three-way system for their security. They have PEP Pulse, a digital command centre for monitoring content on social media regarding their brand, and also respond to queries of their consumer. They also organize stakeholder outreach programs like influencer’s meet, retailer campaigns and plant visits regularly. Lastly, they also take legal actions against such attackers.

Parle Products’ Category Head, Mayank Shah believes that introducing brand advocates to manage their online reputation is a necessary step. Brand reputation and trust are serious matters that must be taken to board level. Additionally, someone needs to be appointed at board level for future-proofing their strategy. 

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