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Oyo Rooms Can Invest in the FreshMenu for Stepping in the Food Delivery Business


Oyo Rooms has started up with the budget-friendly hospitality and now is in advanced talk with the FreshMenu. As the source disclosed to Mint, the company is thinking off to buy the significant stake of the cloud-kitchen as a start-up. If this deal gets approved, it will lead India to mark its entry as the 3rd most prioritized start-up for the online Food Delivery Business.

The discussion becomes a buzz after several months of the news that Oyo has finally reached $1 billion in the revenue. Recently a source said to the newspaper that Oyo is planning to build a Food Team that incorporates the FreshMenu to expand all over India with the brand name of Oyo. Rather than the food delivery, the idea is getting intense with the plan of including the food elements for a better hospitality business.

Reportedly, Lightspeed Venture Partners (the common investors of these companies) had brought the FreshMenu and Oyo together. In accordance to the report, it’s a golden opportunity to FreshMenu to create its identity in the hypercompetitive sector of food technology. It will brim with other popular and well-established food delivery companies like Uber, Zomato and Swiggy. It will also resist other small companies that provide discounts for the attention of the customers to establish.

In the meantime, an investor said that FreshMenu itself is a brand which sells food aggregators just like Zomato and Swiggy. To be the one among many other brands which are there already in the platform will be tougher for FreshMenu.

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