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Peerless group decides to implement new ideas to attract more customers


Peerless group is a city based chain of hotels that generate millions of rupees worth profit annually. This is mainly through the 5- star facilities provided by the luxurious hotels. But recently, the administration feels the need to get closer to common people as well. As a result, they have decided to open up QSRs or ‘quick service restaurants’ across Bengal.

This project has proposed a tie up with Tummy Time and Aheli Xpress restaurants. These are popular and well known food joints of Bengal. Aheli Xpress serves authentic Bengali cuisine while Tummy time is known for their multi-cuisine approach that mainly includes popular cuisines from all over India, bakery items and Chinese dishes.

According to sources, this idea was first implemented in the 85th anniversary of the parent company of the Peerless group of industries. That was a major hit among the people. As a result of this, the administration feels the need to open more such QSRs all over the state. Initially there will be two central kitchens for the two groups. Initially they plan to span out ten such outlets; the project might go national if the current scenario works out.

Another important rupees 80 crore worth project is coming up at Puri – the beach cum pilgrimage, that is a huge hit among Bengali people. They plan to build a 4.5 acre 4 star hotel that is sure to attract tourists from all over the country. The Peerless group is known for their luxurious hotel chains across the country and Bengal. 

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