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Research suggests global food wastage will grow by one third within 2030


The rise in the global food wastage has literally brought the entire population together to think about a solution. It has become a huge concern as the farming lands are shrinking and the population is increasing at an alarming rate. As per the worldwide researchers, the amount of wasted food will rise up to 2 Billion tons by the end of 2030.

The Boston Consultant Group studied and found that if everything continues in the same manner then the wastage will add up to 2.1 billion tons by 2030. The United Nations is aiming to take certain measures and reduce the wastage by half. It is creating new plans and spreading awareness among the households and organizations so that the overwhelming wastage can be reduced to a minimum from the root.

The current volume of wastage every year is 1.6 billion tons. The number is quite a nightmare when the majority of the 3rd world countries are suffering from the staggering food crisis. As per the researchers, the crisis has gone out of hands due to the boom in the population and drastically changing habits in the developing nations. The report literally suggests taking a stricter action and stronger regulations should be amended so as to reduce the wastage volume every year. The supply chain management should be more efficient so that a demand can be met with a proper supply without wastage. Esben Hegnsholt, Report Author, said "We are seeing a real crisis at a global level. The amounts of waste and the social, economic and environmental implications are serious if we don't change the trajectory. When we fight food loss and waste, we also fight hunger, poverty and global warming."

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