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Swiggy set to launch Packaging Assistant for eco-friendly options for vendors


Swiggy is all set to launch a perfect platform where the vendors will find the right packaging system to deliver food in the most feasible way. The new program named ‘Swiggy packaging Assist’ will help the vendors to find the right packaging solution for their food preparations. This step will reduce the logistics cost for both the sides.

Only the vendors, with 30 or more items to cater to, can be a part of this innovative program. The online marketplace is already a sensation. It is offering the best platform where the restaurants can easily find the admirers to cater their orders. The packaging platform, on the other hand, will offer eco-friendly and certified solutions to the vendors. All the packaging materials will be food-grade, eco-friendly, leak proof, stackable, sturdy, and will also provide proper heat insulation.

The vendors, who will opt for this option, will also offer a 5% discount on the food items in the marketplace. In the similar context, the large food firms have also taken an initiative to come up with a sustainable packaging solution for the vendors. This effort will reduce the dumping of single-use plastic containers. Zomato also asks for plastic cutlery when you order something.

The diverse categories present in the Swiggy Packaging Assist will provide excellent options to the bigger vendors. The materials that will be used to make the packages are bagasse and cornstarch. These are biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly. Currently, the brand is working with multiple consultants and design companies to come up with excellent options to apply.

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