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UK gets hit with crab crisis


Shocking as it might sound, UK is running low on its crab supply. The winter storms are sure to be held responsible for the dearth of shellfish and crabs all over the place. This has resulted in many restaurants and eateries to pull out crab from their menu for months now.

While it is of common belief that the storms of late February have done the deed, curiosity rises because of unusual sex ratio among crab species in the waters. According to some fishermen, their lies an unknown mystery behind the suspicious disappearance of crabs off-late.

South West has been hit majorly as the restaurants and people have not even seen a crab for weeks now. According to restaurant owners this is really upsetting as every time someone comes up with a ‘crab-query’, they have to be answered with a cruel no. This might affect their future business prospects as well. According to the owner of a popular food joint, it is disappointing to lose out on customers over ‘crab crisis’.

What is the reason behind this? A fisherman reports that the last time he went fishing for crabs, he noticed an unusual sex ratio. About 90 percent of the crabs were male and the remaining 10 percent were females, a very uncommon ratio.

According to other fishermen though, this is a very normal happening. Such crisis occur almost every alternate year and UK hasn’t seen one since long. So, it’s absolutely okay for this to happen.

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