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AAFA welcomes Trump’s tariff imposition of Chinese goods with stiff opposition


The American Association of Apparel and Footwear Association otherwise known as AAFA have welcomed President Trump’s policy of imposing tariff on the import of Chinese goods with stiff opposition. The tariff is supposed to be imposed in the coming week. The members of AAFA along with 16 other business related groups have sent a letter to the White House voicing their protest. AAFA members include VF Corp, Tapestry Inc, Hanes Brands Inc and Ralph Lauren Corp.

This letter was followed by another letter by 45 other trade groups; 20 large retailers and 80 other shoe companies who also voiced their opposition over the same issue. The Trump government is reported to have planned to impose a tariff of around $60 billion on the import of Chinese goods like electronic items, shoes and apparel products in an attempt to counter Beijing’s intellectual and invest planning. Section 301 empowers Trump to impose the tariff without any sanction from the Congress.

According to Steve Lamar, the executive vice president of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, tariffs are already very high on such consumer products like apparel products and shoes. So, further increasing the import tariff of the products would consequently force the companies to increase the price thereby hitting the American consumers. This would also adversely affect the intake of the American workforce in order to counter the higher taxes. He also said "We're hearing about this form all of our members, our phones are ringing off the hook."

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