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Bangladesh’s leather industry requires long-term policy assistance


The stakeholders of the Bangladesh’s leather and leather goods industry said in a workshop that, the industry requires innovative, equalized and implementable long-term policy assistance to meet its target of $5 billion export by the year 2021.

They also requested the government to bring down the cost of conducting business by removing the trade hurdles and make investment in market and product diversification.

The workshop of the stakeholders’ consultation was titled- “Leather and Leather Goods Exports from Bangladesh: Performance, Prospects, and Policy Priorities”. It was organized by Bangladesh Enterprise Institute at the Lakeshore hotel in Dhaka.

“We have an ambitious target of exporting up to $60 billion annually by 2021. We are hoping that leather and leather goods sector will contribute $5 billion to this,” said Farooq Sobhan, president and CEO of BEI.

“We cannot ignore the fact that the global export market is undergoing transformations. We have to keep in mind the US trade policy, and take into account what is happening around the world because these things affect our exports directly and indirectly,” he continued.

A study was presented at the workshop that laid stress on the matter of the infrastructural bottlenecks as one of the main barriers adversely affecting the industry’s overall export that includes leather sector.


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