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European leather industry partners join hands for a promotional video


A group led by some European leather industry players, have released a video in German and English language for the promotion of responsibly produced leather. They are supported by Leather Naturally. Various European leather industry partners like leather chemical manufacturers, tanneries and brands produced with video to highlight unknown facts about the leather.

The video was shot at the European tanneries, contains interviews of spokesperson of fashion brands like BREE Collection and Lloyd shoes. It counteracts the negative publicity that the leather industry has been getting from past few years. The idea is to promote use of globally manufactured sustainable leather and educate the masses about its qualities and versatility. It also encourages the consumers to buy leather products made from certified and sustainable leather. The video is supported by a recently developed factsheet by Leather Naturally ‘facts about leather’.

Mike Redwood, Visiting Professor at the University of Northampton and spokesperson of Leather Naturally said: “As Leather Naturally’s spokesperson I receive a lot of questions about leather related to animal welfare, safety and sustainability. I also see a lot of fake facts about leather appear in the media. I see this video as an important step in informing the buying public about the beauty, versatility and sustainability of leather.”

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