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Fish Leather Is the Next Big Hit In The World Of Fashion


If you are a vegan not much fond of cow, goat and sheep leather made accessories, fish leather is here to meet your needs. Due to the process it undergoes to meet the fashion standard and take shape of products like wallets, shoes and bags; fish leather has now become the most discussed topic of the fashion world. While fish leather was much in use by the people of Iceland till the end of the 19th century, today it is ruling the fashion world of Kenya. It is Mr. Newton Owino who first introduced this to the leather market in Kenya with the aim of helping people to enjoy using leather accessories without killing cows, sheep and goats illegally.

The flesh is skilfully separated from the fish skin which then undergoes a tanning and dyeing process. However this tanning and dyeing process is comparatively less aggressive than the one which cow skin, goat skin and sheep skin are made to pass through. This is because in case of the latter, the process has to be strong enough to remove the hairs clearly from the hide but as fishes don’t have hair, this process becomes vague. On the other hand, their scales are removed with hand or knife. This process also justifies the reason why fish skin is smoother than other type of leathers.

Once done, this skin is put to use as per need to manufacture beautiful purses, shoes, bags and even other accessories like neck bands, hair bands and wrist bands. So if you are one willing to live up to the latest fashion trend, do make sure to get a fish leather made accessory in your wardrobe. 

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