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Fish skins turned into fashionable goods by a tannery in Iceland


Tannery sells cigarette cases, jewellry, purses, bowties and scaly leather from fish skin. This is quiet unbelievable but it is made by a tannery in Atlantic leather in Iceland. It is as famous as it is the only one to transform fish skin into finest goods. Icelanders from long are into tanning and have created various goods from animal skin. Tanning was a culture in Iceland apart from being an economy.

After hearing of fish tanning from a Canadian company, the family started to develop innovative ideas and thought of creating something very rare. Firstly several attempts only led to fish soup and no product. Now the products are best and sold at high prices as they are not something commonly available in market. For Iceland this fish tanning was a piece of development, it helped in uplifting the economy of the country.

Apart from fish skin products different products are also made from animal and sheep skin. Now several enterprises have grown up where the future generations in the family are also showing interest in this creativeness. New modern machineries are now used and the old ones are replaced.

It is a marvellous piece of work for which Iceland is known. Great innovation is portrayed. The tannery’s model of working is seriously magnificent. Using old knowledge and old ideas they created something so great that the world aspires to have it. Innovation and creativeness never fails to impress.


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