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Helsinki Fashion Week 2019 ready to go vegan by banning leather items


The fashion world seems to learn the lesson regarding using leather to come up with couture designs and its impact on the animals. The vegan fashion taste has been triggered and it’s quite admirable. The sense of the leading fashion houses has been triggered and the impact is clearly visible. On a recent note, the authorities of the Helsinki Fashion Week has determined to go vegan this year and banned all the leather items.

Evelyn Mora, Founder, said that the authority has taken “an active stand against cruelty to animals and the damaging environmental impacts that the use of animal leather brings with it.” The fashion-admiring population has also admired the step of banning leather, fur, and other animal products. Veja, the Paris-based trainer brand has revealed that its vegan collection was overwhelmingly accepted by the admirer as that particular product line reached a turnover level of €18 Million, almost 60% more than the previous year’s figure. The brand used recycled bottles, recycled jute, wild rubber, etc to come up with a brilliant product line. The Paris-based leather trainer brand is now seriously thinking of converting its traditional product line into an eco-friendly measure.

One of the leading retailer fashion director, Lisa Aiken, Net-A-Porter, said “Ultimately, brands still need to show great design and good quality, as well as sustainable credentials, so we’re very thoughtful about who we pick up. It’s a joy to come across Veja who have the whole package.” As per the retail fashion experts, the Generation Z is the key to such a remarkable change in the trends.

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